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Eva Stamou
Dr of Psychology

20 years of service for a healthy and fulfilling mental life

The art of personal care

Focusing on the concrete problems, the specific needs and unique desires of each person

Eva Stamou is a critically acclaimed writer, and a Dr of Psychology. Her titles include a BA in Psychology & Philosophy, an MA in Philosophy, an MSc in Counselling Psychology, and a PhD in Psychology. She runs her Counselling Practice in Athens, as well as online with clients from Europe and the USA offering individual and couples therapy. She worked at York Psychiatric Hospital, the University of Manchester, and provided psychotherapy to international navy personnel involved in refugee rescue missions in the Mediterranean.  Her writings includes 10 books; some of her writings have also been published in English, French, Italian, Danish, Arabic, Lithuanian. She is an opinion columnist for Athens Voice and has appearances on national TV and Radio 3 programs on cultural and social issues. 

  • Do you face difficulties in your relationships?

  • Do you feel anxiety, stress, or a constant sense of disquietude?

  • Are you at the receiving end of harassing or abusive behavior at your personal or professional life?

  • Did you recently experience the loss of a person close to you, and the grief is unbearable?

  • Are you worried that you suffer from some form of eating disorder?

  • Are you stuck or obsessed with a particular person, and you want to move on?

  • Are you addicted to smoking, drinking or make extensive use of other substances?

  • Do you simply want to make better sense of your own self, and of the people around you?

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Ίωνος Δραγούμη 54, 115 28, Αθήνα

περιοχή Hilton,  metro: Ευαγγελισμός, Μέγαρο Μουσικής

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